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May The Forest Be With You: Using Whole Trees In Building Construction

In this post on I talk about a really cool and innovative company out of Madison, Wisconsin that uses whole trees in building construction. The images are spectacular.

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A Bright Idea: Teaching Educators To Be Entrepreneurs

The National Science Foundation’s new I-Corps L (for learning) program asks whether innovative educators can be taught the basics of entrepreneurship. I write about the experience in my posting for at:

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From Gross To Gourmet: A Tale Of Entrepreneurial Reinvention

In this posting on I tell the story of Larry and Mark Levy and how their company, Levy Restaurants, reinvented the foodservice industry at sports stadiums and arenas. You can read the entire article here: 

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Cold Calling 100 Prospects A Day: One Entrepreneur’s Story

This week’s posting on profiles a Naperville-area entrepreneur who made 100 cold calls a day while getting his business off the ground. See:

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What Is An Entrepreneur-In-Residence?

I’ve been EIR four times, so I get asked this question frequently. This posting on answers the question. See: 

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Six Steps to Billion Dollar Apps

While consumer apps get the most buzz, re-engineering business processes with mobile apps has the power to disrupt industries and generate billions of dollars. Read the post here.

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When It Comes to Entrepreneurship, Be A Pig

In this week’s posting on I take on the subject of commitment. See:

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How To Overcome The Boredom That Follows Mastery

In this week’s post on I take on a topic that always challenged me but I struggled to identify what was going on until I read a column by Amity Shlaes. See: How To Overcome The Boredom That Follows Mastery. 

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Why You Should Write Your Own Term Sheet

In this week’s post I propose a new way of thinking about talking to investors. See:  Why You Should Write Your Own Term Sheet at

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New Site on

I’ve been invited to become a regular contributor to on topics related to technology, commercialization and leadership.  I will put links to all of my postings on this site, or you can follow me at: Please join the online discussion! And thanks for your support.

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I'm Neil Kane - a serial entrepreneur who specializes in commercializing complex technologies that come out of academic research labs or federal laboratories.

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