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Know When It’s Time to Go

In this article for I shared a deeply personal experience about the decision I made to step down from a company I co-founded. 

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants: The Very Best Way to Fund Your Business

This month’s post on Tech Cocktail talks about how to take advantage of small business R&D grants from the federal government. If you qualify, this is an exceptional way to bring funds into your company without giving up equity or paying royalties.

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Solar Energy Is Heating Up Tech — Even When The Sun Goes Down

In this guest post on, I talk about a recently announced scientific breakthrough from Harvard and MIT–and the impediments toward bringing it to market in successful products. The posting can be found here. Please join the discussion.

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My Homage to Wrigley Field

In the summer of 1978, when I was 15 years old and didn’t even have a driver’s license, I sold Cokes as a vendor at Wrigley Field. You know, the guys who run up and down the aisles yelling, “Who wants a cold Coke?” at the top […]

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Leadership is Situational, Integrity is Not.

For this month’s post on Tech Cocktail I talk about leadership and ethics.

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The Four Questions

For my monthly blog post on Tech Cocktail I talk briefly about the four questions that must be asked at every Passover Seder and during every investor pitch.

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How You Get Slaughtered in a Down Round

Here is my post for this month on Tech Cocktail. The subject is a dissection of what really happens in a down round. The arithmetic is not quite as straight forward as it appears. Instead of just lowering the share price, the price is often lowered retroactively […]

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What Does an Entrepreneur-in-Residence Do?

Many people are fascinated by this question, and in my monthly post on Tech Cocktail, I’ve taken a crack at answering it.      

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Watch Out for Convertible Notes

Here is my latest post on Tech Cocktail about the hazards of financing your company with convertible notes (debt). Neil Kane

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Venture Grant Program Startup 101 Part 1/2

Venture Grant Program Startup 101 Part 1/2
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