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Nine Guiding Principles for Starting a Technology Business

In June of this year I gave a talk at the TAPPI conference in Washington, D.C. on the guiding principles for building a nanotechnology company. In my mind I was clear about what I wanted to accomplish with my talk. Enough has been written/discussed about the mechanics […]

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Job Security

It seems appropriate on Labor Day to think about job security. Is it just me or does it seem as though these days the only true job security is when you’re an entrepreneur? I heard several stories in the past few days about people who were laid off […]

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Get the RED Out

Get the RED Out

Anyone who has ever been around entrepreneurs and early-stage companies knows that early-stage business projections (revenue, cash flow, profit) are overly optimistic. Experienced investors always cut them down before analyzing the company. And experienced investors also know that a top-down set of projections (such as, “We’ll get […]

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The Importance of Scaling

A watershed moment happened to me in December 2009 following a pivotal customer meeting. I was the CEO of a nanotech company and we had a meeting with our executive sponsor at a company that, at the time, was our largest customer. For several years they had […]

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Hot and Spicy Lemonade

My first entrepreneurial venture, back in 1993, was a barbecue sauce company. The backstory is that my grandfather, before World War II, had a barbecue restaurant on the west side of Chicago. As a kid I would constantly hear from his contemporaries how great his barbecue sauce […]

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I'm Neil Kane - a serial entrepreneur who specializes in commercializing complex technologies that come out of academic research labs or federal laboratories.

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